FL STUDIO 101 How to use Ghost Notes inside of FL Studio

FL STUDIO 101 How to use Ghost Notes inside of FL Studio

Wassup Guys! E-MAN47 here and today i'm gonna talk you through how to use Ghost Notes in FL Studio.

Ghost notes are (dark grey) transparent notes on the FL Studio Piano Roll. They serve the purpose to showcase the notes of all used channels on a Pattern.

For example, let's say you have a melody with instrument 1, then you can see the notes of that melody as ghosts on instrument 2

They appear as greyed out MIDI notes in the piano roll and look like this:

Does Logic have the ability to show “ghost notes” like FL Studio? :  Logic_Studio


In this example, lets assume we want to write a melody, but we don't know our scales. We're going to use a Scale from our Chords Galore pack as our MIDI file, and use it as the basis to construct a melody from, and check we have the right notes.

First thing you want to do is to drag the MIDI you want to "Ghost" into any piano roll in FL Studio which you are not using for the Melody.

Forbidden Fruity: FL Studio Tutorial - Scales, modes, chord progressions  and lead melodies – part I


Next, navigate to the Piano roll for the instrument you will be using for the melody. We want to click on the little triangle drop down menu on the top let, select Helpers - Ghost Channels

This will now show the Scale up as Ghost notes, and you can now click in notes, happy with the knowledge that your melody is within the correct scale.

Hope this helps you!


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