How To Export Stems in FL Studio

How To Export Stems in FL Studio

How to export stems in FL Studio is a must for sending music to artists/companies to enable them to edit or master their finished tracks to a professional level. 

The video above quickly and easily shows you how to export stems in FL Studio in the most efficient and time effective way. 

Good "house keeping" is something I never used to do when making beats because I was too in the zone and didn't want little things like labelling and renaming things to break my flow. This is something you can do while creating or you can do at the end of your production process, but by getting in the habit of doing this as you create your workflow will be quicker, more efficient and above all more organised. 

You'll see the benefits of organisation in the video when it comes to exporting stems in FL Studio. 

I hope the video helps you out, let us know what other videos you would like to see from us and happy beat making! 

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