How To Make Lofi Vocals In FL Studio

How To Make Lofi Vocals In FL Studio

Making lofi vocals is relatively quick, easy and fun to do. I created a short and simple video for you to follow (Link above) which will enable you to create your own lofi vocals in minuets. 

All you need is a microphone and a DAW, in this tutorial I use FL Studio but the techniques used are basic and can easily be transferred over to other DAW's.

Getting your voice recording to have an old and gritty feel is done by using simple EQ techniques and by adding some extra sounds on top either with WAV files or using plugins such as iZotope Vinyl (which is free! Links in video description). 

If you're looking for some pre-made lofi vocals you can find them in our lofi packs HERE.

What you're going to say and how you are going to say it is something you need to consider, most vocal samples found in Lofi beats are taken from old movies or quotes from old recordings. If this is the style you're going for then I would recommend watching some movie clips online from older films, study there accents, tone and what they say. Come up with some of your own lines and practice doing different voices before you go to record which will save you time in the long run and give your vocal samples a better performance overall. 

 If you need help setting up your mic in FL Studio I have made a video for you HERE

So grab your mic, boot up your daw, hit record and have some fun!

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