How To Record Vocals In FL Studio For Beginners 

How To Record Vocals In FL Studio For Beginners 

   Recording vocals in FL Studio is a really simple process, getting a great take is another process altogether. 

   The video above will guide you step by step in setting up FL Studio for vocal recording and also gives you a few little tips to follow when recording. 

   Having the correct equipment is must if you want to have good results and these wont necessarily break the bank, so let's go through some of the key elements you will need in order to get your desired outcomes for recorded vocals.

Audio interface

   First off you're going to need to have a audio interface/external sound card with a built in pre-amp. Most audio interfaces come with pre-amps as standard also referred to as Phantom Power or 48v. If you haven't got an audio interface and want to get started on a low budget then I would recommend grabbing something like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 

scarlett solo, audio interface, beat making, producer tutorial, recording vocals, fl studio recording vocals, sound card, It has one XLR input to connect to a condenser microphone, Guitar jack input, balanced outputs for studio monitors, headphone output, powered via USB and built in 48v pre-amp, all for around the £100/$100 price point. 


   It's an obvious one but you're going to need a half decent microphone, not a cheap mic that looks like the one used for karaoke. For recording studio quality vocals I recommend getting a condenser microphone connected via XLR to your audio interface. I've always used this connection type and I'm aware of others using USB condenser mics and getting good results with them.

You can get some good results from some budget condenser mics such as the sE Electronics X1 S or you could go for something like the Rode NT1-A. Most companies do package deals which can include a shock mount, cables, reflection filter, pop shield or a mic stand. These products and deals range from around £80/$80 - £300/$300.

DAW Setup

   Once you have your audio interface and mic set up the last step is simply making sure you have set up your audio device within you DAW and hitting record. This setup will be different for each software but in the video above I show the process of setting up your audio settings, configuring settings for mic input and recording vocals in FL Studio. 

   I will cover some more info and tips on recording vocals in the near future, in the mean time if this is your first time setting up and recording vocals, have fun! 


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