How To Save Mixer Tracks In FL Studio | Sonicallys Sample Packs for Pr

How To Save Mixer Tracks In FL Studio | Sonicallys Sample Packs for Producers

Wassup Guys, I'm E-MAN47, and today im going to show you how to copy and to save mixer tracks inside of FL Studio.

First of all, why would you want to save a mixer track set up?

Well maybe you have a really good effects chain set up for a guitar or piano, maybe you have a side-chain for a bass and you don't want to have to set it up every single time you open FL Studio. This technique is a great way of saving a lot of time.

1. To start with, have your mixer channel open, and your effects set up exactly as you want them first. 

2. Right click on the specific channel you want to copy, navigate to FILE - SAVE MIXER STATE

3. It will pop up with a SAVE AS box which will naturally be found under: FL STUDIO - DATA - PATCHES - MIXER PRESETS. Save the channel as you wish (make sure to label so you can find it later on!)

4. Go back into your mixer OR open a new instance of FL Studio and select the new mixer channel you wish to import the set up into.

5. Right click, FILE - OPEN MIXER STATE , and select the saved preset you wish to import, and now everything in this mixer channel will now be set up with your desired presets.

6. If you have selected a preset you didnt want, simply RIGHT CLICK - FILE - OPEN MIXER STATE and select DEFAULT from the saved presets - this will put the mixer channel back to its default settings.

How to copy a preset within a project without saving:

1. As before RIGHT CLICK - FILE - SAVE MIXER TRACK AS, But instead of opening this, left click & hold, and you can drag this mixer track into any other within the Project you have open - Simple!

Hope that helps, and saves you a lot of time, check out Sonicallys YouTube channel (link in our footer) for video follow ons for these blogs.

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