Chords Galore! Essential Piano Chord Progression Pack from Sonicallys
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Chords Galore!

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Piano Chord Loop Pack

The ultimate companion to your melody and chord creation process, Chords Galore! This pack contains 9 chord progressions in every Major and Minor key, that is 216 chord progressions in WAV and MIDI format!

We also bring you the MIDI of every Major and Minor scale, to help you easily create a melody from within any key of your choice. As well this pack contains the MIDI for all chords within a set scale, crafting your own chord progressions is as simple as click and drag!

With over 600 Files (1gb+) this is your ultimate buddy when creating beats, for a quick, easy and professional sound.

All sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free to use in your commercial productions Key and Tempo labeled. All sounds are in high quality WAV format along with MIDI, giving you stunning sounds and complete control over your beats!

Product Includes:

  • 216 Chord Progressions (9 Chord Progressions in EVERY Key)
  • Different voicings of every major and minor chord, midi scales
  • 2 Essential Videos explaining chord progressions and ghost notes
  • 24-Bit WAV
  • 216 WAV Files
  • 312 MIDI Files
  • 2 MP4 Videos
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • 624 MB Download File Sized (Zipped)
  • 1.16 GB of Content (Unzipped)