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So you are a music producer? Learn how you can explode your beat making in 2021......

One of the greatest road blocks to any music producer's ability to bang out tune after tune is that goddam beat block.

As music producers ourselves, we know what its like to be starting out. You constantly see so many things you need (and really really want!) but as you work your way through buying your DAW and all the fancy plugins we need to do our craft, you are often left looking at your bank balance with a frown on your face.

Ian & I know how useful a large collection of sample packs covering multiple genres can be in aiding your creative process, how it can allow you to knock out beat after beat, taking your catalog into the stratosphere. When you're in the flow and you hit a creative block, just finding that one sample can help you back into the flow.

But sample packs cost money, and when you want to cover several different genres this can often add up to a couple of hundred dollars.

Our primary mission when we formed Sonicallys was and still is to help producers just like you, and this is why you're here today faced with this offer. 



Here at Sonicallys we have put together this bundle which includes 7 of our best products. They are 7 beautifully crafted Sample and Melody packs, with a huge selection of sounds.

As well as this we are throwing in for you free access to our 2 PDF's which will help you upskill your sales and marketing as a producer.

AND 50% OFF LIFE TIME DISCOUNT at Sonicallys!! Join our community of producers who are already benefiting from this.

This offer will really give you a massive kick start in 2021 and for many years to come!

The Ultimate bundle is over 6GB! = Thousands of samples and sounds with potentially limitless beat making opportunities.

As this offer is such a massive giveaway we cannot give this offer to everyone, it just isn't fair! 

We can only offer it for a short limited time. This is a one time offer for you, you won't find this page through our normal website, so grab it while you can for just $27! (Normal Price $349.89)


    • Ivory Piano Bundle - Including: Ivory: Chords Galore, Ivory: Tears, Ivory: Smokey Cocktails, Ivory: Rhythm and Soul and Ivory: Candy. (Worth $169.95)
    • Hydra - Dark Trap and Hip Hop Melodic Loops¬†(Worth $34.99)
    • Dreams - Lo-Fi Production Kit (Worth $34.99)
    • Clouds - Lo-Fi Production Kit (Worth $34.99)
    • Moonlight - Trap Soul Melody Pack (Worth $34.99)
    • Kingdom - Trap Soul Production Kit (Worth $34.99)
    • Dark K - Dark Trap and Drill Construction Kits (Worth $34.99)
    • 50% Off FOR LIFE! (Massive Savings)
    • PDF - YouTube Growth Hacks
    • PDF - Selling Beats In 2021

    That's Over 6GB (Over 2400 Files)

    Was $349.98

    Now Just $27!

     Grab your copy of THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE now

     Remember this is a one time only offer so don't miss out on all the packs, PDF's and not forgetting the 50% off FOR LIFE!

    The Ultimate Way To Dominate 2021!